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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Killer Redd

Thanks to some help from my friends, I got the bitmap animation working in Flash, which was a real pain in the butt! But I think it paid off, 'cause I think the 3D render animations look really nice. Even the dumb little animations get ~15 individual frames of attention, so it comes out buttery-smooth. And that's what I want!

As is apparent, I think I'm going with Killer Redd for my title and I've selected an urban setting to match the urban-looking heroine, Redd. Things are coming together with this slowly in my head; I'm considering making Redd a vampire hunter with a hitlist to tie together the fights. I'll see.

An idea for the setting was to have it extend infinitely left and right, randomly generating rooftops and other obstacles like what Canabalt does. I'll keep it down to just a one-on-one duel, but this way I don't sacrifice spatial exploration which we love in platformers. And it gives me lots of space to try fun stuff with the bosses, as opposed to Assassin Blue bosses which were _always_ single screen and walled in. This'll present another significant technical challenge to me as a Flash newbie (camera movement and randomly generated content) but after tackling the bitmap stuff I feel pretty empowered to try anything! >;d

My only regret here is I had to slap on some stupid UI stuff because that was the class assignment for the week. Seriously; what even is their deal? If I'm starting a game I always start with basic art and engine stuff to quickly get an idea of my direction/if the game's working. Menus are a pretty arbitrary place to start, not to mention extraneous and boring. I guess the idea is to acclimate newbies with navigation in Flash? This is why I feel at ends with academia sometimes.

Just in case you missed it, the current demo is--and always will be--at this link. I'm fairly regularly updating the file there, even when I'm not posting about it, so you can always check up on my most current progress there. Not that anybody will. Just saying you have the option.

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