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Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, What's New

Hey, guys. April Fools was a RAGING success, I'd say. I enjoyed a lot of your reactions. If you really did fall for it and were excited by the screenshot, you should check out CowboyKilla, which the screen was actually from.

Speaking of which:
CowboyKilla is on BYTEJACKER!
Do vote for it if you liked it.

Some more links for you:
I got a Formspring! They look like fun and a bunch of my friends got them so I figured why not. Ask me something so this decision feels worthwhile!
I was Interviewed on IVGMU. It's a cool site, and I'm on there now, so it's a worthwhile visit.
I made this utility that helps you win at the game corner minigame in the new Pokemon games. I mostly made it for myself to see how much I could break the game; I ended up making 12,000 coins over the course of the couple evenings I spent playing with this. So it's useful if you have the game.

And now I'm back to work on Dubloon. Going to start the final dungeon soon, and it's a pretty straight shot to the end of the game. Very exciting. I've also been doing some work on the music for the final sections. I'm actually looking for a good program to edit MIDI music; I have some sweet MIDI tunes, but I'd like to be able to cut some bits and change the tempo. Does anybody know where such a program exists?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Assassin Blue 2: Red's Revenge (April Fools)

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement.

Remember all those times people begged me for a sequel to Assassin Blue? I get messages constantly--it often feels like daily--from fans asking when the sequel will be finished. And I've always told them it isn't happening. I'd made it publicly clear that I had no intention of making a sequel, and never was going to, but fans persisted.

Well, I lied then. Assassin Blue II is well into development, and today I'm ready to reveal it to the world. This is just a screenshot; you can expect the full game later this week.