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Friday, June 24, 2011

Demo 2 About to Close!

This is just a friendly reminder that the full second demo of Phantasmaburbia isn't going to available in 24 hours. Better grab it while you can!

In the meantime, I've gone and added the "partial" demo 2 to GameJolt and YoYogames.
In addition to all the updates that came with the full 2nd demo, I fixed a number of new things. Namely:

-Running is faster, and there's now an option to "Run by default," so that holding right click makes you walk instead.
-To use a SPEC item, you can simply right-click the target object. This makes puzzle stuff way faster and cleaner, and I love it.
-Doesn't reload sounds and stuff when you return to the title screen, which makes it way faster and avoids wasting memory.
-Fleeing from battle is now animated.

Not huge changes, but they make the game a lot more playable. Thanks to everyone who's played and commented on the full demo 2! :)

Oh, and...... one more thing......

Just a teeny sample of what I've been working on in the last 10 days.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phantasmaburbia - Demo #2 FULL

Here it is! The full second demo for Phantasmaburbia!

Get it HERE!
Note that this link will EXPIRE on June 25, exactly 240 hours from this posting. Get it while you can!
Things to note: This game is WINDOWS ONLY. In addition, it uses some effects that might not display as pictured on every graphics card.

What is this game?
Phantasmaburbia is a JRPG with point-and-click elements about a group of teens in modern day suburbia battling an invasion of ghosts and evil spirits, armed with weapons found in their houses and mentored by friendly spirits of their ancestors or former residents of their homes. It's my current major project, with my self-imposed deadline for completion aimed at late September.
The final version of this game will cost a modest sum of money to purchase and only the first 20-30 minutes of the game will be available as a free demo. However, from June 15-25 I'm making the first hour of the game available online for free. This is that demo.

Gameplay video:

Some screenshots:

Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Phantasmaburbia Demo 2 Coming Soon! [Details Enclosed]

Set your calendars, folks! The free demo for the next part of Phantasmaburbia will be posted here and will be available only from June 15th to June 25th.

Why's that, you ask? When the final version of the game is released, a lot of the stuff in the next demo won't be available in the free demo that accompanies it. So I'm making the availability a little more exclusive, BUT this is your chance to snag more free playtime out of the game before the final release!

Once June 25th rolls over (or probably before then) I'll be updating the version currently online with improved engine/gfx/music/etc, but it won't contain any content/playtime that wasn't present in the already released demo. Past that, I may or may not offer any more free content to the public until the final release!

To commemorate the impending release, here's a gameplay trailer we put together.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sleep's for Chumps

Was about to write a bunch of tweets, then decided to just make a brief blog post instead.

I've been working really hard on Phanta these last few days! I've been weaving my time between this and [final] school projects, working several hours at a time and alternating between them (at the expense of sleep and food, naturally). It's been very tiring, but very fulfilling as well. Meanwhile, Jason and Mack151 are working hard on resources as well... it's quite thrilling to have such talented people at my fingertips. :]

You might be excited to know that this means a demo is fast approaching! The distribution for this one is going to be more exclusive, so if you're somebody who wants to play more free content be sure to keep an eye over here. My hope is to post more specific details by next weekend, once the demo is actually prepared.

There are a LOT of exciting new things I'd love to share via screenshot, but I think some of them will be more fun if I keep them a surprise until later. For now, here's a screen that demonstrates some new and improved battle graphics...

...Courtesy of Mack151. Whenever an attack is launched, a super pretty highres portrait of the attacker flashes across the screen! It might seem like a really minor change, but I'm seriously in love with these portraits and it does a lot to make battles feel more visually appealing.