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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sleep's for Chumps

Was about to write a bunch of tweets, then decided to just make a brief blog post instead.

I've been working really hard on Phanta these last few days! I've been weaving my time between this and [final] school projects, working several hours at a time and alternating between them (at the expense of sleep and food, naturally). It's been very tiring, but very fulfilling as well. Meanwhile, Jason and Mack151 are working hard on resources as well... it's quite thrilling to have such talented people at my fingertips. :]

You might be excited to know that this means a demo is fast approaching! The distribution for this one is going to be more exclusive, so if you're somebody who wants to play more free content be sure to keep an eye over here. My hope is to post more specific details by next weekend, once the demo is actually prepared.

There are a LOT of exciting new things I'd love to share via screenshot, but I think some of them will be more fun if I keep them a surprise until later. For now, here's a screen that demonstrates some new and improved battle graphics...

...Courtesy of Mack151. Whenever an attack is launched, a super pretty highres portrait of the attacker flashes across the screen! It might seem like a really minor change, but I'm seriously in love with these portraits and it does a lot to make battles feel more visually appealing.


Jack Brockley said...

I don't want to be pedantic, but you misplaced the apostrophe in the title of the blog post.

Banov said...

Perhaps proving once and for all that I was the chump all along for not having enough sleep to use apostrophes properly???


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

Change the lighting back! and move the light to the centre of the street lights!