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Saturday, March 24, 2012



Running this blog alongside the site for Phanta has been, clearly, a bit of a strain. Most new web content I have is usually clearly cut out to go on the Phanta website, and that's when i do have news that I feel worthy of posting. Anyone out there expecting updates on this front will have to accept my apology for the distant updates here.

That changes at least momentarily today, however. I have a new game to share! It's called Chiaroscuro!!!


This is a puzzle game made in Unity, played on the web, and based loosely on Phantasmaburbia. It was made in school as a project with 3 other students.
Aside from providing the seed for the idea and providing direction for the general game design, my role was in level design and programming. Feel free to blame me for bugs--this was my first spin with Unity and there are plenty of issues to find. :) The game does all communication without text or sound, relying just on the visuals and level design to teach players. For that same reason, I'd like to remain vague on the actual content of the game and let you discover it for yourself.

Good luck! Enjoy yourself! Let me know what you think!

PS: Here is the Twitter of the art director/animator, and the website of the artist in charge of organic models and textures. They are both talented individuals and you should keep an eye on their work!