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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Escape from the Underworld - FLASH Version

We did it to Crazy Over Goo, now prepare for the latest in Flash-versions-of-my-games!

We haven't made major changes to the game aside from some difficulty balancing and extra background art, as you can see above. This was mostly a light-hearted side project, thanks almost exclusively to PickleMan, who does not actually maintain a particularly active web presence in the same way I do. This dedicated and talented mofo threw this together really quickly, though, and was hella responsive to making changes and adjuestments as I suggested them. A big round of applause for him!

Why wasn't this announced when the game was finished, months ago? We wanted to find a good sponsorship deal! Alas, sponsors did not really like the title, further cementing my confusion with the Flash world vs. PC gaming world. We decided to take matters into OUR OWN HANDS and crafted a Kongregate exclusive package here, banking off the dimes and nickels we may earn through ad revenue. Money was never really a major factor in this game anyway, from its inception back in October 2010 to the Flash version proposal to our half-hearted attempt to garner sponsor interest.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New (HTML5) Game - Jurrasic Jetpack: Hold On To Your Butts


Yep, I made an HTML 5 game.

This was for a class assignment. We didn't have to make it HTML5, and it didn't have to be nearly this polished, but, I had the capability, so I did it. There were 4 other people in involved in the project; 3 pals who did art, and 1 pal who made the music and the sfx (using an ACTUAL Gameboy, in his hands, wow!) (I will work on finding more links to the other pals)

There are 3 stages that loop continuously until you lose. You can rack up lots of points on the third one.

This game is nothing too special. There are a couple issues that will never be fixed, because at the end of the day it's "just" a silly class assignment. I think we can all agree I've got more important things to do.