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Thursday, July 01, 2010

More Crazy Dubloon Fun Times!

Hey guys! Got a couple cool links to show you!

FIRSTLY, Dubloon is on Bytejacker this week! Those of you who loved the game, please support it by voting for Dubloon!

SECONDLY, Dubloon has an entry on TV Tropes*! I find this be INCREDIBLY exciting!

Also I want to mention that the donations page has gone through a couple changes, pertaining specifically to the Dubloon Deluxe CD. Shipping is far less expensive than I expected it to be (under $5, even internationally!), but I do now ask that the shipping money be included with your donation if you intend to receive a CD. Specific rates are on the donations page.

You should ALSO be aware that I've added a deadline for sending out the CDs (September 2010) and a limited number (24 copies!) so if you're considering getting a CD it's better to it sooner rather than later.

Okay! That is all!

*WARNING: Viewing TV Tropes is likely to monopolize hours of your time and consume your social life for at least one evening, often more. Proceed with caution.