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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phantasmaburbia - Demo #2 FULL

Here it is! The full second demo for Phantasmaburbia!

Get it HERE!
Note that this link will EXPIRE on June 25, exactly 240 hours from this posting. Get it while you can!
Things to note: This game is WINDOWS ONLY. In addition, it uses some effects that might not display as pictured on every graphics card.

What is this game?
Phantasmaburbia is a JRPG with point-and-click elements about a group of teens in modern day suburbia battling an invasion of ghosts and evil spirits, armed with weapons found in their houses and mentored by friendly spirits of their ancestors or former residents of their homes. It's my current major project, with my self-imposed deadline for completion aimed at late September.
The final version of this game will cost a modest sum of money to purchase and only the first 20-30 minutes of the game will be available as a free demo. However, from June 15-25 I'm making the first hour of the game available online for free. This is that demo.

Gameplay video:

Some screenshots:

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Electron said...

Awesome! I played through the entire demo, and I was extremely sad when it ended. Really nice so far, man! I prefer the girl sequence over the boy one, but whatever, they're both a lot of fun.

Nathan said...

Haha 12:01. You're my hero. I knew my stalker status would pay off

Nathan said...

Was really good dude! Love additions and the girl part was really fun.

Are you planning on making the full screen actually go full screen or just like small screen but with the big black border? The game looks really nice, but I wouldn't mind it being a bit pixely if it was stretched full screen.

Also the beginning options are great. Totally going to use the themes when the game comes out.

Only caught one typo it was like when the girl goes outside and she "are" instead of "or" or something like that. Sorry I forgot, it's kind of late haha. Good job man looking forward to paying for this haha

Seth said...

I didn't expect it this early. I guess I should be glad I couldn't sleep tonight. :D

Hammerfan said...

I played the demo to the end, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.
There was just one thing, I dint like. The crashing. Im not complaining because I know its a WIP, but just putting it out here just so you know. =P

Im definatly buying the full game BTW.

Seth said...

I tried to interact with the slide, swings, and rocking rides at the park. ;~;

Other than that disappointment, I suppose it was alright. :P

I can't wait to get the full version of this. I'm kinda sad that you won't be making a Deluxe CD, but I'm sure the game will continue to be great!

Ted said...

I played through the second demo but it ended too early. D: It's a great game that got me engaged! Liked the puzzles of the girl sequence, and overall gameplay is good. It will be a lot better if the characters could walk diagonally though. Other than that I love the concept. Good job man.

Nameless1 said...

So the game is everything I'd expect coming from you (in other words, awesome) but I have some critiques that I'd like to voice (is this the right place to do that, if not then I apologize).

Ok, first off, the male character's attack has to many frames, it looks TO smooth, like the attack is slow (poor description)The girls attack is fine but the boys is, well, not.

The overworld item usage suffers from the same flaw it had in dubloon, with dubloon it became cumbersome to bomb obstacles, with Phanta it becomes cumbersome to use Mooshi (this may just be a personal complaint)Having to click and drag from the item menu just doesn't really work. (again, this is probably just me)

A bug I noticed (might as well) in the girls section when at her house there is that break in the fence that takes you to the playground, me and my curiosity went through that gap to the edge of the the area and then went up, the game kind of...crashed at that point.

Just trying to help you improve this awesome game.


Saelyn said...

Brilliant! It set up the story well and in such a way that I am REALLY curious to know what's going on. And I like the characters already. I love that we get to name our characters; makes it more personal (a la pokemon, heheh).
And for some reason the idea and animation of the girl smacking ghosts with a baseball makes me crack up every time I see it, lol.

Oh and the MUSIC. Oh man, the music. So quiet/creepy and perfect in the beginning, and then WOW... It's extremely rare to have battle music that makes me GO LOOKING for fights just to hear it again, but this stuff is amazing! I really hope you're planning on releasing a soundtrack somewhere, if you haven't already!

Overall: I loved it, and I'd definitely consider buying it once it's finished! Good luck!