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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flash Baby Steps

This week for class I had to do some more stuff with the menu, which is why it seems a bit discombobulated at the moment. You can hit "Start" to play the game as it is now. If you die you'll have to refresh--sorry! I also implemented a timer.


I added a new maneuver, the dodge roll (double-tap left or right!) This is something that isn't in Assassin Blue which I thought to include. I've been playing around a lot with the physics of each move and how different movements flow into each other, control-wise. Little touches here and there. The air attack makes you floatier, and landing during it puts you into a roll automatically. If you roll continuously it's faster than running, but you can't jump out of a roll, which makes it dangerous. The only way to cancel a roll is to attack, though that makes you prone for a little bit.

Stuff like that. It's fun, though I'm not really pleased yet with all of the movement--it feels like there's something clunky or sticky, I dunno. Will keep massaging it.

And, oh yeah, I got a camera system up and running, as well as *actual* collisions (I was faking them before) and random level generation--nice! With that, many of the base systems are in place. My next steps will involve putting other characters into the game and getting some real combat stuff working. That'll be fun! (I hope!)


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