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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sparkle Fight Beginnings...

Killer Redd is becoming a game now... slowly. I spent a lot of time these last couple weeks on that other project, only because I was in the mood to.

I'm pretty settled on a vampire motif for the enemies in Killer Redd, to give everything nice context. Naturally, the first boss in a vampire game has got to be a Twilight-style vampire, so... Meet Eddy Kull, the sparkle-spewing vampire!

At the moment I've got a semblance of a particle system set up, except it's pretty buggy and awful. The particles hang around for inscrutable reasons and eventually the game crashes because of similar issues with the hitboxes. There's no way to win yet, but it's fine, cause dying has a 50% chance of taking you to the win screen (just to prove it was there). It's still playable though. Tomorrow I'd like to smooth out some of these issues, but I figured I'd post about it now since it's been a little while.

Slowly I'd like to be able to focus more on the boss gameplay design and less on the nitty gritty coding. The final game's supposed to be done mid-September, I think, so the clock's always ticking. The combat hitboxes and particle effects are my last couple major roadblocks, engine-wise, luckily. In theory it'll be smoother sailing from here.

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