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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Escape from the Underworld - Second Demo

Yeah, it's here already. Since I only had a month to work, this has been moving pretty quickly... but I still like to put out a demo at major junctions. Here's the post from Indie Kombat, copied and pasted for viewing pleasure:

It's the same link as before, right here:
Playtime's been extended... drastically. And save files from old versions are still perfectly functional (and still will be for the final release) so you don't need to replay anything. Feel free to try it out, in addition to adding a ton of new content I've also gone back and fixed things that players didn't like before.

Hey, in other news, has anyone seen Andrew? I've heard rumors of sightings in Melbourne, where people have seen him shambling from place to place with a hopeless look in his eye, trying to cope with a loss so profound and so imminent. I guess I can't say I blame him, but at this point I practically feel bad for still having all these demos and screens to share while he remains silent. This is feeling less like "Indie Kombat" and more like "Indie Banov-kicking-Andrew's-pathetic-ass."

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