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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Escape from the Underworld - First Demo


I've just posted the first demo for Escape from the Underworld to IndieKombat. You can get the link/read the full post here!


Seth said...

When you first fall down the pit, you can just hold right or left and land on one of the ledges at the bottom, letting you easily dodge the rocks. Not really a bug, but it does take away some of the challenge (albeit only a little).

If you use the previous trick, save on the right ledge, and die (before or after you get the horns, but before you save again if you do get them), the rocks won't fall, but the horns will be nowhere and you'll be stuck in the first room.

This isn't a bug either, but when you get the black and red dots, the color filling the screen makes it easy to lose health due to friction possibly carrying you into spikes and enemies. Also, the bats shooting at you can do this while the screen is filled.

Another annoyance that isn't really a bug: If you save in the room with the bat, the words at the beginning cover up the screen and the bat can shoot you. This can be pretty annoying if you're down to one health, as you have to move to the right pretty much right away to avoid dying, but even then the friction might carry you into the spikes.

Very enjoyable so far other than these things, though. I'm gonna love to see the rest of this. You're doing a great job of telling the story without dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Hey BanovG, when you are about to get dropped by god, if you hold left or right you can land on the side of the pit and not fall down.
Aros525 (Your friend on Gamemaker)

Anonymous said...

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yalmic said...

Omg I was like,"Hey nice little game ooh statues of me oh I must be broken, hey there's people and I can talk to them cool."
Then Duhn duhn duuuuhn!
Woah I killed him!!!
Ahh! I didn't mean
to now the angels are
killing me!!!
Whoa awesome I got one.
Take this, and that!
Ahh! what are you doing?
Whah! I'm falling down a pit.
I can't fly anymore.
Ooh a rock maybe it can help me
get to that portal.
Oh,(Dodges rocks this time.)
Okay, hey metroid, I feel

After the demo ended I went back and killed more angels.
I felt so evil.
I killed all the civilians too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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