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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dubloon - Final Demo!

A point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game in the making. There are dungeons, bosses, sidequests and secrets in a huge explorable world.

This is the final demo; the next time I release an update, it will be the finished game! Please play, enjoy, and share your thoughts!

Title: Dubloon
File Size: 19.6 MB (9 MB version also available; see below)

Download Links:
Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

LowFi Version:
Recommended for users with a slow connection. This version has low quality music, but is only a 9 MB download.
LoFi Download

If you're really stuck and don't know what to do or can't solve a puzzle, you can consult this.
Walkthrough (For Landlubbers)

YouTube Trailer:

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

-Game by Banov
-Music by Prophecy

Comments and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated!


#6 said...

AWESOME. Love the look and feel and am enjoying the puzzles, I will post a detailed review on my blog but so far it's fun, and very entertaining. :)

Banov said...

Thanks, #6, I look forward to it!

Meanwhile, I just uploaded a quick fix correcting some bugs. #6, I'd actually recommend you redownload it, as one of the bugs made the game crash and technically impossible to complete.

Seth said...

So far, I've found two bugs. Neither were major, but they make the game seem less professional. First, when I went to get Timber in the Pirate's Graveyard, I got this error before the cutscene. ___________________________________________
action number 1
of Step Event
for object grave_findtimber:

Error in code at line 13:
if global.progress=10 and !ds_grid_get(global.lock,real(room_caption),1) and playerobj.x<160
at position 89: Unknown variable x

Seth said...

Also, when you're talking to Davy Jones, he'll say "... that's where the gold(en) key is." the letters after the l in "gold(en)" are cut off, which is why I can't tell if he's saying "golden key" or "gold key."

Seth said...

I just found another one. In the Treasure Tower, at one point, it says "There are twoparts to the secret pattern."

Banov said...

Thanks, Seth! I've fixed all of those on my own computer now. Sorry for the errors; when there's this much content it's easy to miss some little ones here and there :x

Seth said...

Yeah. I also can't get the puzzle where you have to stand on the six tiles simultaneously. I eventually just downloaded the walkthrough, and it told me to do something I'd already tried. No matter how many times I try that, it doesn't work. D:

Banov said...

...Are you SURE? You have to be pretty quick! I can't imagine why it wouldn't work, it's worked for the people who play tested for me so far...

...I'll believe it isn't working if you take an F9 screenshot and show me the solution.

Seth said...

I might just not be doing it quickly enough.


Do both of the bombs have to blow up at the same time?

Banov said...


Well, no, but there need to be 2 out on the right places at the same time. As soon as there's something occupying all 6 spaces, it should go to a brief cutscene.

Seth said...

Nevermind, it finally worked.

By the way, are all of the treasures on the bottom row related to the ammount of time you've been playing? Because I have the treasure "Dedicated Pirate" in the bottom row, but I'm missing the first one.

Banov said...

No, "Dedicated Pirate" is the only playtime-related trophy. The bottom left and right corners aren't available in this demo.

Seth said...

Okay. That's all I could find. I'm looking forward to the full version!

Timothy said...

This is such a great game. One of only a handful of full-on adventure RPGs on YYG. Once it's done, I'll play the whole thing through and see if I can write a good enough review. Keep the awesome games coming, Banov!
-owlman (on YYG)

yalmic said...

When the girl pirate says she wants the player to be captain,instead of giving it away you should have to fight her.She says something like,
"I reconize talent when I see it,
Fight me for the title of captain."

I also found a bug,You can fight standish twice,if you talk to his crew member again.

yalmic said...

And I suggest a sword battle item.

Banov said...

Uh, you'll have to clarify a couple things.

Why "should" you have to fight your own captain? She's obviously already well aware of your battle capabilities. I like what actually happens in the game much better.

Also, a sword doesn't seem to work as a battle item. They're already there as equipment, and they don't seem as special/destructive as cannons and bombs, the existing battle items. How would they even work?

l.rudd said...


Just beat the quartet of the sea all together brilliant battle and cant wait for the full game!