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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hello February

Hey, guys! So, here are some updates on what I've been doing.


CowboyKilla has actually taken up the bulk of my work, but before I get into that, I wanted to talk about Dubloon a little. I'm determined to finish it and get it out this Spring, even if that means cutting out areas I have planned for the game--it already takes hours to beat, so as far as I'm concerned length isn't a primary concern.

I've just made a new title screen for it, I want to get some quick reactions to it. See:

The old one

The new one

This new one looks prettier, I think, and fits the game better... and I have some ideas about how I can transition it into the opening cutscene. I also started drawing out some floor plans for the next dungeon after I got some cool puzzle ideas, but, I'm still struggling to come up with a good tileset for the dungeon. Backgrounds have always been a bit of a weakness/pain for me, honestly. I don't see a new release in the near future yet, and I doubt there will be a major release until CowboyKilla is ready for the competition.

Speaking of which...


We're now entering month 2 of development, and things are going smoothly. There will definitely be a new release on this one in February. I've been a busy bee on this one, and there are a lot of fun things I can't wait to show you guys. Here's a quick screenshot...

Yes--Custom mode! As you complete levels in the game, you'll be able to access the weapons, enemies and maps and use them to craft your own level. A lot of the weapons are very experimental in nature, so you might have fun just testing the effectiveness of different weapons against different enemies... while causing untold bloodshed and ruin, of course.

We plan to bring you a total of 6 levels next time we update, so you can expect a lot of exciting new content. Do look forward to it!



I've been very active on Twitter after getting one, so if you're a fan and you aren't following me there... I think you should!

Lil Vypa, the fantastic composer behind CowboyKilla, has recently come out with a new Mix tape which I highly recommend! I'm not normally a fan of this sort of music, but Vypa's always surprisingly good and this tape is no exception. Give it a listen!

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Amidos said...

WOW thats amazing Idlove the new menu of dubloon it looks pretty awesome but does it contain animation like some tides around the islands :) Hope so :) But looks nice and CowboyKilla is pretty rock :) I dlove it :)