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Monday, January 18, 2010

CowboyKilla First Demo

CowboyKilla [Working Title]
A WIP collaboration between Banov and Andrew Brophy for YoYoGames Comp 05. The game also features a soundtrack by the incredible Lil Vypa.

The game's a hardcore bloodbath action game with hordes of enemies and lots of sweet weapons to kill them with. Controls are arrows + Z. Have fun!

Title: CowboyKilla [Unofficially]
File Size: 4.5 MB
GM Version: GM8
Changes Screen Resolution: No

Download Links:
Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

Video: Here.

-Game by Banov & Overboy
-Music by Lil Vypa

Comments and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated!


Amidos said...

I dont know whats wrong with the game when the game runs it runs quite well with high frame rate :) and I choose the standard the game starts it runs very smooth and all enemies are moving and everything is alright and its FPS about 60 but the music crashes and loops a certain period some time and restart looping on next period and although the game looks like it is running well the whole machine dont respond to mouse or keyboard input (I cant move my hero at all) and I cant move the mouse in the windows or pressing anything on keyboard take lot of time to be executed and my PC was like that till the timer in the game end and the PC returns again to respond to inputs ??? thats weired I wanted to try the game :)

Banov said...

Wow, that's... bizarre! That doesn't even sound like a programming error, it must have to do with compatibility somehow. Did you try it more than once?

Amidos said...

yes I had tried it on my PC more than once :S
I had windows XP service pack 2 and Processor Celeron 2.6 Ghz and 1 GB Ram and Graphics card GForce 6800 256 Mb

I dont know the problem what everything in the game runs nicely except to take input and sound becz the windows all of it halted this only happen when level start put in menu and ending its normal :S

I dont know what is the problem :S

Seth said...

It worked fine on my Vista. :\

This is great fun so far. Yet another hit from Banov. Can't wait to see the final version.

Amidos said...

About the error I reported I knew the reason :) I dont know why this game sets its pirority in task manager to high pirority when it launches :-?? this was the cause of the main problem :D

when I remove it the game become much slower :D the slow only appear in the music of the game its cutting but the moving and the blood and everything else amazing :D (fps was low around 20)

I dlove the animation and the weapons its truely made very well thats amazing :D As you said before everyone thinking in participating must beware of this game :)

that game rocks :D

I will try to run the game on my laptop as it is faster than the pc :D Dual Core :D

but game amazing :D you should do more collab with andrew in future :)

Banov said...

Amidos, thank you so much! Thanks to you we were able to solve the speed issues and I've just uploaded a fix.

This new version solves the major lag issues people have been having, and also includes *new* music by my esteemed colleague Lil Vypa.