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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Collab Revealed!

Since Andrew went ahead and spoiled the game we're working on, I feel the need to one-up him, especially since the lame screenshot he posted doesn't at all reflect how the game is actually going to look/play. So, here's some juicier info.

The game doesn't have an official title yet but we've been calling it "CowboyKilla." It's an awesome hardcore bloodbath where you're pitted against an unending army of enemies with a lot of sweet weapons at your disposal. It's ridiculously fun, and development is going at a very good pace.

If you were planning on entering the YYG Comp05, I'd just give up, because the winner has pretty much already been decided. Sorry.

Also, I've made sweet progress on the iPhone side of things and I've got a working tap movement engine going. I'm going to drop my plans to recreate Crazy Over Goo, though-that's just too ambitious for my skill level. Instead I'll probably use the movement engine to make a simpler minigame. The real goal here is to get something playable on the App store.

1 comment:

Amidos said...

Thats really awesome man :) and as I said at andrew blog the arting is andrew except for characters when I saw them here I knew it was you :D its your arting style :)

But looks amazing man :) I dlove to see it soon :)

Hoping you get the first prize :)