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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yellow Goo Love - WIP Release!

Alright! Yellow Goo Love's first release is out. You can check the GMC topic here:

Or here's a copy of the game's topic right here:

A fun, simple mouse-controlled platformer featuring super short, gimmicky levels. 20 levels are included in this version.

Title: Yellow Goo Love
File Size: 3.2 MB
Developed With: Game Maker 7

Download Links:
Mirror One:

Mirror Two:

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

-Banov, as in, me, for ALL sprites, animations, programming, etc
-Prophecy for composing the soundtrack


Anonymous said...

Its very good game. I like it! My favourite game of all march.
I find some game-design misses:
1) Player can choose next level. It is bad. Where is motivation?
2) BAG! If Goo goes into box (19-20 lvl), goo stuks. Can you fix this?
PS Sorry for my english.
Good game, thank you!

Addicting Games said...

It looks like an exciting game!! Thanks for sharing!
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