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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow Goo Love "Secret"

I've finally finished work on Yellow Goo Love's "secret" section, and I'd like to share it. As some people have already guessed, it's a Level Maker!.

Build a level like this...

And then watch it come to life!

The levels are saved externally with the extension .ygl... you'll be able to send your own custom-made levels to fellow Yellow Goo Love players and the like. I'd go as far as to say that this feature could be the game's killer app.

Though, I'm not actually going to let people get their hands on it until the game's finished. You need to beat 25 levels to unlock the custom level maker, and I don't plan to put out any more than the first 20 levels for now. After I clean up a few loose ends with the custom levels, I'll get back to level designing and hopefully will wrap up this game soon. It's been a surprisingly long process making this game, mostly because I've been working on it very infrequently.

Special thanks to Brod, who gave me the basic structure for the level maker and without whom it wouldn't have been possible for me to tackle.


Amidos said...

when it will be available :)

as the copy with me only the first 20 levels :D

It would be better if there is a story in the game :) like Assaisan Blue

Banov said...

The game is nearly finished... you can expect it soon.

Amidos said...

Thats awesome :D waiting for it :)

Hope if u r free to try my new game MindHunter :) will be found a beta version link in my blog :)

or this is a direct link to the beta version :)
Hope i hear from you :)

Kojiro said...

Banov, I've just played your Blue Assassin, and by seeing your blog you probably isn't working in any developments of this game. I am just a player, however I can say that I have a lot of experience in judging games, I know when a game is going to make a player sit and play and when it will only make him have fun for a few hours. And, truly, Blue Assassin has the guts to be a great series. You should work on a Red Assassin game, develop the storyline and etc... There were a lot of interesting lines to work on in this game. I'd be honored to help you out with the story.

By the way, a casual game never made me want so much a sequel. And I'm pretty sure that I am not alone.

Please tell me if you will make a sequel and please consider my offer as a helper in the story development.

See ya.

PS: Ignore the yugioh e-mail o: I was lazy to make another one.

Banov said...

I've been asked about making a sequel before and I'm just not interested, sorry. Yellow Goo Love's just a little break with something less serious... I think my next game after this will be a return to the more action/adventure epics I'm better known for.