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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Wonderful Day

Today was a glorious day. I haven't posted anything for a little while and my understanding is that's looked down on, so here are some things to read.

1- I discovered a coffee shop that's in a great location and serves some really rich coffee. Stoked to visit there a little more.

2- My friend, we'll call him Josh, has been really down on himself lately and pretty lonely. Luckily I took Josh down to the mall today and talked him into approaching a girl we saw reading manga in a Borders, and he got her cell number which is great news for Josh. He says he hasn't been happier in weeks.

3- Picked up some cool stuff for myself! I got a nifty Watchmen poster, and a couple new games... Okami for the Wii and Odin Sphere for the PS2. Can't wait to play either one, might give a full review here at some point.

And Yellow Goo Love has been going smoothly, too, for those who are curious. So far I have about 30 levels designed out of a goal 50. Coming up with fun levels can be a bit difficult, but hopefully if all goes well the game will also have a Level Creator designed by my buddy Brod so you guys can keep the fun going.

I'm hoping to finish the game by April, but, who knows.


I found another Let's Play Assassin Blue, and I found this also to be full of much hilarity.


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