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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to Owl Creek!

Just wanted to share some more information about the RPG I'm working on. If you follow me closely on Twitter you've probably seen a lot of this already.

Here's a map of Owl Creek, the setting for the game. All of the events of the game will take place in this small region. From a young age I've found suburbs and their forestation very explorable, and I hope to evoke that with exploration in the actual game.

I'm planning to have the soundtrack done by Jason Covenant AKA Prophecy, the same composer I'm used to working with. I'm going to be using more of his full orchestrated work a la Escape from the Underworld, and I'll definitely be pulling a lot from his newer music that he's been posting to his website.
This will be the main battle theme.
This will also be a battle theme.

Most of my focus thus far has been on planning the game, so barely any real content's been made yet. Part of this is due to school making me pretty busy in the closing week(s) of this past semester. As of now I'm on break, so hopefully I'll find the time to really push the game forward.

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