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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dubloon: My Next Game?

A point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game in the making. Right now this is just a simple engine demo.

File Size: 2.6 MB
GM Version: GM7
Changes Screen Resolution: No

Download Links:
Mirror One:

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

-Banov for just about everything
-Prophecy for composing the soundtrack

Controls and other notes...
-Use WASD or the arrow keys to move
-SPACE to spawn enemies
-The mouse controls all the interface. Drag and drop item onto the little HUD spots to use/equip/unequip items.
-If you right click on a HUD spot to open up attack info, you can drag and drop to alter each character's moveset.
-Battle works the same. Click to pick your attack and target; right click to go back.
-Sound effects are all TEMP, taken from Earthbound

Ideas for the future:
-SPEC is going to be a special inventory with items you drag and drop onto the screen to use; you could use a key to unlock a door, bombs to clear an obstacle, etc.
-The mouse will also be used to take items from merchant tables and purchase them, or to give items to NPCs.
-You'll be able to name each character, and for the main character ("Captain") you'll be able to allot his stats at the game's start.
-Obviously there's going to be many more attacks with different elements (Fire, Ice Electric)...

I'd like to know if players are interested in seeing this as a full game with a narrative, quest structure, etc. Does this kind of gameplay appeal to you?


Amidos said...

Very Good Game :) Awesome Keep Going on it :)

But i have two things to say about
1- The HUD is fixed so when i go to the upper of screen i can see my character from it
2- Graphics are quite good but if it can be better with lots of animations in fighting and effects for healing (particle effects or anything like that will be nice) :)

Good Luck in making the Game Keep on going :) Waiting for it

ninjutsu63 said...

It looks great so far. I think it would make a cool full game, especially if the story is up to scratch with some of your previous games.

Seth said...

Finally, you're making another RPG! I think this is great so far. Just one thing bothered me. I couldn't beat the first Shroom I faced, because it kept healing, and I couldn't do enough damage to kill it. The other Shrooms I faced I could kill fine, though. It was weird.

Anyways, I can't wait to see a full version of this! And I like the Wolf reference.

Banov said...

Yeah, that's probably because when you fought shrooms later on you were leveled up a bit more. When I'm actually putting the game together I'll be sure that you don't face shrooms until you're totally ready for them, but since I had them made I thought I'd stick 'em in here.

A good trick for beating shrooms, no matter what level you're on, is to start attacking them first rather than saving them for last; while there are other enemies on the field, a shroom is less likely to restore its own hp.

BluesFan said...

will you make sequal to assassin blue? Or any other great platformer game?
IMHO rpg game like this will never have such a big sucsess as great platformer (assassin blue).

...and sorry for my bad english :(

Seth said...

I've had trouble finding any good RPGs that aren't Pokemon Fangames, etc, so I think this will get more attention than Assassin Blue. Just my prediction.

Man of Doom said...

Pretty impressive demo, I'm liking the look of this.
Would definately be interested in seeing this followed up and made into a full blown game.