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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sometimes I Hate People

Well, I'm close to finishing exams for school and I'm a bit tired of studying, so I thought I'd give you guys a bit of an entertaining post. The following are some real messages that have been sent to me on YoYoGames.


First, he posted this review of my game:
"Music sucks, plot sucks, animation sucks......... horribly. Sorry, but i'm being honest. Other than that, challenging bosses, semi-complex levels, good enemy AI. I enjoyed the gameplay aspect. but playing the whole game to find out the "secret" was quite annoying. In the future, please invest more time into plot, sprites and the cutscenes at least, even if it means you dont get as much programming done."

Then sends me this private message:
"Hey, i'm currently in the process of making a top down rpg, and your game has a couple features that i've been trying to put into my game for a while. Thing like the combo attacks, dialog windows, charged attacks and counters. I was wondering if i could the editable file for assassin blue to reverse engineer it to get these features into my game. You'll get full credit for your help."

Let him down easy:

Grasping for straws:
"Way to help a fellow maker."

Trying to be helpful:
"Don't guilt me, there are plenty of existing examples that are far easier to understand than the editable of my game."

To which he says:
"Not trying to guilt you there. Just saying that the game maker community is an accepting community who helps their own. And please dont act like your game is some immensely difficult program that someone like me could never comprehend. As awesome as you might think it is, it still needs alot of work creatively."

So let me just make sure I got this straight: he insults me and my work and tells me I'm shit, and then gets offended when I refuse to offer him my help? Am I being unreasonable here?


Hey! I don't know what copyrights are!
"Hello I was astonded by your game "Assassin Blue" It was perfect, but I would like to barrow some the sprites the following characters: Blue, Red, Gunthar, and Riley for a game I'm working on, and figured I'd ask you if you could give me them to save the effort of ripping them, Thank your, please respond.

~(Name removed)"

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't stealing my work was such an arduous task for you! Here, just take it all!

So after I told him "No," he decided to give it another go...

"Hello again, I will ask you again explaining more in-full:

Hi I am making a game called YOYORPG, an RPG game with characters from the best games on this site, I am intending to use the characters' original sprites from their games. I have been intrigued by your game, and would like to add Red and Blue to the cast, I implore you to please make a sprite sheet of said characters for the game, I would also like Riley and Gunthar as bosses in the game. If you give them to me I will not distribute them in any way. If I do not get Red or Blue from you,
I WILL rip them. I am asking youout of respect and to make retrieving said sprites easier.

~(Name removed)"

Make entire RPG sprite sheets for you? What makes these people think that I have the time to do something like that? And how is it that he assumes he can just steal my work if I don't give it to him?!


I could keep going, but I won't. In closing, I'd like to ask people to stop sending me stupid questions. Thanks.


JM said...

Ah man. That's the worst part, but the same people plague the forums just, you know, asking people to do things for them. You know, make my game for me, draw sprites for me, etc. The code forum is awful:

"How can I make my guy go left and right at once? PLZ HELP"

etc. I'm no good at pixel art either, I ripped a sprite from Cave Story as a placeholder, but I'd never distribute it. Plus, it's four frames. I'm really into getting work and studying it and replicating it freehand, which is what you're supposed to do, right?

The sprites on assassin blue stood out wonderfully with that clean, black border. I have a single complaint for the game; "up" as jump really cripples my hand! I'd love another key for that in AB2. Are you charging for that yet?

Drazzke said...

Sigh... I hate people like that. They have absolutely not respect for others work, or the content in them.

What did you end up saying to the guy who was going to rip your sprites?

Banov said...

Press 'Space' to pause the game. Go to the option entitled 'Edit Controls' and hit enter. Voila ;)

And there isn't going to be an AB2, people need to stop spreading that around...

Haha! I told him "No, I'm not letting you use my sprites and I have the right to do that. If you try to steal them, people WILL notice you and WILL look like an idiot." ...Or something to that degree.

david said...

You wouldn't have had so much trouble if you didn't respond to:

Grasping for straws:
"Way to help a fellow maker."

It didn't really need a response. But I see where you are coming from. I might not have been able to resist either, especially after his review.

david said...

hey my names david too
i didnt say that

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