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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pollushot Released on iTunes and Android Marketplace; Joy Ensues

It's here. And it's beautiful, mobile gaming bliss.

Get all the links and juicy info here!

For those not in the know, Pollushot is a game I made with Game Maker back in January/February for YoYoGames. They took it in, ported it to mobile platforms (updating the graphics, adding some new enemies, and making other tweaks along the way), and now they've released it to the masses. I get money if you buy this game! And it's actually very good! So please, if you are the owner of an iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android phone, do check it out!


orange08 said...

Great work, Banov! :D

Aditya Pawade ☺ said...

Hey banov..
m Aditya...
i recently started developing games ( using pygame )
i wanted to know how is game maker and is it possible to make 3D games with it ?
do u use it to develop all ur games ??

Exar said...

I've played most of the ported games, and I have to say, this is the best I've seen so far.
Nice work.

...Sid... said...

Hey, Nice and Congrats Banov,
I'll ask my brother to buy this one, he has an iOS device. (Sadly I don't)

Anyways. Congrats again.
And sorry I could not keep up with Phanta's progress. I was too busy with my Master's Degree admission processes. I'll sure spend a weekend catching up and mail you my thoughts.

Nice Blog you got there.

Game Maker is faster simpler and powerful. Of course, you can make 3d games with it, although the functionality is greatly limited at this moment. But one can make fake 3D and isometric games just fine with it.

Once you go through some tutorials, You'll find that it's a lot easier than you think. You can also look up on my blog and see some of my projects. I'm obviously not as good as Banov, but I hope you'll like them and maybe you can also draw some ideas. :)

Westley said...

Pretty cool-looking game. I haven't played it, but good show, jolly good show.

Seth said...

I convinced my friend to get it. I got to play today. Now it convinced me to ask for an Ipod Touch for Christmas.

Big Bomb said...

Very fun! I enjoyed it though the screen seemed a but stretched inward leading to an undeserving 1 outa 5 rating that I will change. Also, I you looking for a place to release Phantasmaburbia I would suggest Indievania. While they're Bew, you get 100% of the profits (minus paypal fees)