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Monday, December 13, 2010

Branching Out

Hey dudes!

So while I wait around on Crazy Over Goo sponsorship offers, I want to share with you guys a newer game idea I've had. This would be a casual iDevice game, and I have a couple ideas for how I'd like to get this on there. This is all part of my "maybe earn some money for once" plans.

Here's the basic concept (click to enlarge):

More details:
There'll be about 10-15 different varieties of enemies, each with a unique attack/defense pattern. You'll fight them one by one in random order forever and when you die you'll get a high score. It'll be moving quickly like other good replayable arcade iPhone titles (Sollipskier, Doodle Jump, Canabalt, etc.) so it won't feel repetitive.

The best way to kill enemies and score points is to break apart their shields, catch the falling debris, and fire the pieces back at them. If there's no debris on the screen and you're unarmed, the game will drop occasional default meta-ammo shots from the top of the screen you can use, but it's worth less points to use. Enemy attacks will be energy-based and can't be caught; but anything solid can be caught and used as ammo.

I'm looking for some initial reactions + ideas. You like this idea? Would you pay $0.99 to get this on your iDevice of choice? What additions do you think would improve the game? This is still in the conceptual phase so I'm open to all ideas.

Thanks! :)


swordpond said...

Sounds like a good idea!

Plague corp. said...

I have an idea how bout when ever your basket gets too full of stuff it will explode depleting your ammo to zero and disabiling any movment,shooting ect for a while.

Anonymous said...


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Ruber Eaglenest said...

Man, you should make an Escape from the Underworld HD or deluxe, sell it like hot chocolate, and get rich.

Please, do yourself a favour and spend one year improving that game and try to publish it on every conceivable platform.

Regards, and amazing work!