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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Escape From the Underworld UPDATE

I've just added an update to Escape from the Underworld following some (fair) criticisms of the original.


Get it at: GameJolt / YoYoGames

What's NEW?
-"Challenge Mode" and GameJolt trophy integration--unlocked by reaching the credits screen. Adds replayability.

-Config menu added so you can edit scaling properties to make it look nice on larger monitors

-Small HUD/interface fixes in areas like the Game Over screen

-Some terrain edits in places that used to be troublesome to platform in

Overall I haven't changed too much as far as the world design goes and nothing as far as controls go. Yeah, the rough terrain can be tricky to deal with but it's never unfair or impossible... just tricky. And since now playtimes are going to get a little more competitive, I didn't want to change the nature of the game and its platforming. Get used to it, people out there who've whined about it.

Indie Kombat/Press
For those who haven't heard, by the way, Escape from the Underworld won Indie Kombat.

But more importantly, I want to give a big shout out/thank you to the sites that posted it after its release and gave such glowing reviews of it. It got an incredible response over at Indie Games blog, where it got 62 (!) responses (many of them members who disagreed on whether it was awesome or terrible). JayIsGames gave it a longer, more thought-out look. There were a few other places that syndicated it but those two drew the biggest crowds. The game's about due to die out into obscurity now, but it had a nice run, methinks. Now I'm just hoping for a Let's Play to pop up on YouTube...

EDIT 11-11
Escape from the Underworld is on BYTEJACKER! I'm up against some really tough competition (cactus and Pixeljam) so any support would be super appreciated!

Developer Commentary
Also, for those interested, I did a developer commentary that's currently on YouTube (of the old version)...

And here's part two


Rockythechao said...

I was actually planning on doing the LP alongside AUS, but I can't download the updated version! At least, not from Yoyo, I'm pretty unfamiliar with GameJolt, so if there's a download link there I might've missed it.

Rockythechao said...

...Aaaaand it just showed up. Weird.

DarkWingedLps said...

I tried this version, and beat it in like 20 mins this time :D BUT ALSO
Major glitch, I used the sword beam (or the speed boost idk which)on the boss just as I entered the room, then it took off 2/3s of his health. PS I used the speed boost once after that and it killed him =/ IT TOOK OFF LIKE 1/3!

Banov said...

@DarkWinged WHOOPS! You're right! I set the boss's hp really low for testing and forgot to fix it when I uploaded the game. It's now fixed for redownload.

DarkWingedLps said...

Oh Im glad :D