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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dubloon (Complete)

It's finally finished! A point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game. There are dungeons, bosses, sidequests and secrets in a huge explorable world.

Edit 6/16: Because of last-minute changes, there were some nasty bugs in the initial release. I'm very sorry for those of you who had to deal with my unprofessional mistakes :[ A fixed version is now up (with GameJolt trophy compatibility!) so if you're experiencing errors in certain areas please redownload.

File Size: 29.7 MB (11 MB version also available; see below)
Download Links:


LowFi Version:
This version has low quality music, but is only an 11 MB download. Not recommended.
LoFi Download

If you're really stuck and don't know what to do or can't solve a puzzle, you can consult this.
Walkthrough (For Landlubbers)

Gameplay Video (First 6 Minutes):

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

If you're really into the music Prophecy made, you can download the full game soundtrack with high bit rate/album artwork/proper song titles here.

You can get a Dubloon T-Shirt here! Feel free to send suggestions for designs you want... I like selling shirts.

Developer Commentary:

-Game by Banov
-Music by Prophecy

Changelog: In some cases I uploaded a bugfix without changing the version name within a few hours of each other.

-(BUGFIX) Error message caused by running in the Navy base of Jolly Roger island
-(BUGFIX) Error message thrown by the Mole boss when he tried to attack
-(BUGFIX) Game would sometimes skip naming one of the main characters, leaving his name blank.

-GameJolt trophy compatibility
-(BUGFIX)After opening the last chest before the boss in Treasure Tower, if a player tried to go back to the previous room the game would enter a never-ending cutscene loop.
-(BUGFIX)Some attack effects would appear to aim at the user's crew instead of the opponent's in a secret mode of gameplay.
-(BUGFIX)Error message when using "Avalanche" (this was as a result of the previous bugfix :p)
-(BUGFIX)After completing the game and re-loading your file, the crew would sometimes be missing and leave only the silent protagonist.
-(BUGFIX)On the top floor of the treasure tower, saving immediately after getting the Key but before trying to leave the room and loading later would skip crucial cutscenes
-(BUGFIX)(6/17/10) You can walk on water in a certain room of Pyrite island
-(BUGFIX)(6/17/10) One of the statue puzzles in the final dungeon will not work if you push any buttons outside the correct order (but it does reset when you leave the dungeon). (6/18/10)

-A number of typos corrected
-(BUGFIX)Talking to the viking on Jolly Roger or reading the map on Bowish would let you re-add islands to your map
-(BUGFIX)If a non-boss enemy was killed by poison damage, an error would be thrown and the battle wouldn't end
-(BUGFIX)One of the puzzles in Treasure Tower wouldn't take into account party order when it was supposed to (6/23/10)

-New Feature: an NPC in Pyrite Tavern who helps you find undiscovered treasure
-More NPC dialogue changes after beating final dungeon
-"Save Fixer" auto-fixes common save file bugs (missing/unnamed crew members) from previous versions upon loading your file
-(BUGFIX) Returning to the Golden Key room in Treasure Tower had some weird effects
-(BUGFIXes) Misc/etc (6/25/10)

-(BUGFIX) Characters level 40 or over couldn't easily equip attacks from special equipment items
-(BUGFIX) Saving your game when on a downed "color wall" and loading might find you stuck inside of it
-(BUGFIX) A rare error message thrown by a particular boss' attack
-(BUGFIX) Puzzles in Treasure Tower that require you to stand in certain patterns would not always register your position on the tiles properly


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

found a bug(solved now); (overview in bulleted form)
*Minor-ish Spoiler Alert*
-I'm stuck in the Navy Headquarters
-puzzle in room on left not working
-I believe I am pushing the buttons in the correct order (R,R,R,Y)

What I did to get stuck
-first finished the puzzle in the right room(but it took some work; I honestly thought that the reflections of the walls were part of the walls, in order to create a 3-d effect, not a reflection, and therefore took a while to figure out), got key, but did NOT unlock the door and left room
-then I went to the top room, finished puzzle, unlocked door, beat boss (easily), then left room
-then went to left room, opened the two visible treasure chests, and unlocked the door and beat the boss, and THEN tried to figure out the puzzle in the left room
-at that time, I had saved already, and had already unlocked the top room door and the left room door, after figuring out the top room puzzle and right room puzzle
-the left room puzzle wouldn't work, no matter how many times I tried
-I had typed everything above, but then I tried the save file in question again before posting it, and the room to the left was working now, and I now have the key-I think to solve the problem, I had to turn off the game and turn it back on later...I guess I'll just post this anyway so anybody else who does what I did can actually find a solution to the problem
PS-this. game. is. made. of. awesome.
PPS-wait a minute...a RPG on YoYoGames that is actually COMPLETE? BLASPHEMY!

Banov said...

@Secret Bug fixed! See the changelog...

Unknown said...

I've completed this game twice (got both endings), and both of the times I beat it, it said I had 6/15 treasures, when I actually have 12/15. Other than that, this game is great! Now I just have to get the remaining 6% of the chests and get the three treasures I'm missing. Great job! 5/5

Unknown said...

Also, in the Pirate's Graveyard, I ran into one of the pink bushes near where you appear when you first go there, the Frozen Ship is still called Pirate's Graveyard on the map, and for the two-part puzzle in the Treasure Tower, my party didn't have to be in the correct order, I just had to step on the right tiles.

Unknown said...

I almost forgot! I was going back to all of the islands to try to find the rest of the chests, and the following things happened:

-I could mark the East and West Serpents on my map again (it didn't let me go to them, however).

-When I talked to the viking that marks Standish on your map, the viking thanked me for defeating Standish, then proceeded to tell me that Standish stranded him on that island and marked the Viking Ship on my map again.

-I could fight Standish every time I went back to his ship. This may be a result of marking the Viking Ship on my map again, I only tried this after I had already done so.

Banov said...

More bugfixes uploaded! They're getting more obscure... which is good.

Unknown said...

Another bug-this time, it is with the Treasure Tower
-I beat the main story, and was level grinding in the Treasure Tower
-I went to where top where the golden key was on a whim, to see whether or not I could escape the room again
-the first odd thing was that the key was where it was before, but the hole was below it, so I could not escape again or collect the key again (and the key had the golden glow, if that's important to know)
-while going down the tower the long way, something else happened; I'm not sure what exactly I was doing before it happened, but I paused the game while going down the tower (as said before) I was either in the room with the invisible yellow/green orb and invisible treasure chest or past it on my way down(I forget where exactly),and when I unpaused, I was teleported back up to the room where the mermaid battle took place, by the door near the back; essentially, I paused, unpaused, and somehow teleported a few floors up
-also, in the secret mode, the cutscenes have the main storyline's four heroes, not the characters I am playing as in this mode
-and the third of the Quartet's treasure chest seems to be already opened, even before I beat the guy

(but I AM using the oldest completed version, and an save started on an incomplete version of the game, so the problems might not exist still in the newest version, with a new save)

And, a few random suggestions that I think might improve the game (yes, it is theoretically possible to improve Dubloon, but attempts to do so have been limited by the fears of the possible effects of so much awesome in a single game)
-some button or something that would give several Dubloons and other valuables, but at the cost of the characters levels
-some button or something that would make the enemies harder, but give more experience and Dubloons when defeated
-a button or something that would negate the affects of the above button

...and that is just about everything I can think of to improve this game. Which could be a good thing, because too much awesomeness in a game could make the universe implode, which would be a bad thing...I think.
-SecretAgent000, Logging off

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The Pirate's Graveyard/Frozen Ship typo is still in the game. It might be the old save file, but I doubt it. Also, I have all 15 treasures now, and when I beat it, the ending screen said I had 10/15. I could also do the fetch-quest on Stern Island and mark the West Serpent on my map again.

Banov said...

@Seth some of those issues have to do with your old save file, like the pre-opened chest and the island naming problem.

The cutscenes all revert to their original mode in the "secret" mode. There's a notice that tells you so right when you start a new game. That's not a bug.

The two TT bugs are new though, and I will fix them... once I get some sleep =__= Thanks for finding this stuff, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. It's been hard for me to feel like the game is a success when I spend so much time fixing obscure bugs.

Unknown said...

Alright. Great job on this game, I've been looking for a Game Maker RPG for a while. I look forward to your future work.

watercolorsheart said...

Where does Zolo's Mom go to? The letter doesn't say... =(

Banov said...

Just uploaded a new version ( with some bugfixes. A couple important new features:
Captain Old Beard - An NPC on Pyrite Island who helps you find undiscovered treasures.
"Save Fixer" - Fixes common save file bugs from earlier versions (missing/unnamed crew members) automatically when you load your file.

Also, I've been doing some Developer Commentary videos for the game, I recommend fans check it out:

Ibl said...

Great game, I've played through it three times now (using different versions to see if there's been anything new). Fastest time is a little less than three hours for 99% treasures and 12/15 achie... I mean, treasures.

Found a bug against the second last boss ("leader something") with
When he uses the spell that makes you poisoned it gives you an error along the lines of "can't draw from non-existant background" and if you ignore that one more. I sadly forgot to take a screenshot of it.
I do believe he was frozen when I got the error message, if that helps in any way.

And a request of sorts. Could you make a guide/picture that shows the location of all treasures... at least on the first island, because that's where I apparently am missing one... and I've looked everywhere (except for on that hill with a monster on it, can't find a way to get to the monster, so I hope it's not up there :P).

Ibl said...

Another bug, you can get the Brod-achievement if you finish main character, girl and monkeys challenges, you don't need to complete it with the boy. (Might be that you just need three, but I always finish it last with the boy.)

Ibl said...

So... third and most likely final comment spam, sorry about that. >_>

Found the last treasure chest, stupid hidden katana one... yes, I found it while watching your very own commentary, so thanks for the help I guess! :P

A bit dissappointed in the "true" ending, was hoping for something flashier. Oh well, still a great game. I think I'll try to speed run it some day.

One final thought I had... for the next release, try to make the final boss a little bit harder.
If you got the item from the cold boss.. and the monkey has level 40+ (not sure if I've ever gotten there with less than 50 on it though) it's really waaay too easy as it is right now.

Banov said...

@Emil Thanks for reporting those bugs, but I need some more details.

@Brod treasure bug: when you received the treasure, even though the blonde kid hadn't talked to Brod, had he already completed the challenge? (i.e, he had already healed 500 HP, but hadn't yet collected his prize from Brod). I just checked and the code was checking to see if the goals were met when you talked to Brod, so even if you hadn't collected prizes from him it would still award you the treasure when you talk to him if you've passed the goals. Minor bug, but will be fixed soon.

And the second-to-last boss poison thing: You would ONLY get 2 error messages each time he used the attack? But his big distortion wave and the battle intro transition both work without error? It's odd because they all use basically identical code...

Banov said...

@Emil and you got the error EVERY time he used the attack, not just once?

Ibl said...

@Banov, about Bord: the blonde one probably had finished it, I just hadn't talked to Bord with him yet.
I assumed that every time you finished one of the challenges it set a flag and then the game would check to see if all four were set or not.

Regarding the second-to-last boss, I got the error messages more than once and only when he used that attack.
It wasn't every time he used it, but I never got it when he used another attack nor during the battle transition...

How does that attack animation work, does it focus on a particular character or does it always start at the same place?
Because if it focuses on one character it could have to do with that characters position.

Ibl said...

@Brod (don't know why I spelt his name as Bord in my last comment), I meant I thought: every time you finish a challenge and talked to him with that character it set a flag.

Banov said...

@Emil Heh, hope, that attack effect is in the exact same position using the exact same code every time it's used. So the fact that it throws errors SOMETIMES but not OTHERS sounds lie a practical joke, almost.

As far as backgrounds go, what it does is it takes a screenshot of your screen, saving it externally, and then imports it back into the game to do crazy stuff to. It's the same thing the game does every time you hit ESC to pause or a hell of a lot of other things. It's just bizarre.

Here's what I want you to do: send an email to banov g at g mail dot com. I'll reply with a save file from right before the fight against Domin. Your mission will be to replay that fight, and when you get an error message, COPY AND PASTE it into notepad or something and send it back to me. Fixing this, whatever it might be, will be a lot easier that way. Hopefully.

Banov said...

OK! Bug(s) fixed, changelog updated!

yalmic said...

If you keep on like this your goind to rival the top gamemakers.
Darth Lupi
Matt Thorson

Jon said...

Found two bugs in my gameplay (though I'm not finished yet).

-After the cutscene with Davy Jones where he instructs about the hidden treasures, all 4 members of my party got stuck on top of Jones. I reset, found the treasures first, then spoke to Jones for the first time. Worked fine that way.

-In the room in Treasure Tower where the puzzle is being on six squares at once, I solved the puzzle, unlocked the lock, moved to the stairs, accidently went down instead of left, and got stuck outside of the room in the black space. I reset, solved the puzzle again, and went straight up the stairs this time! Worked fine.

I'm not sure of the version I have, but I downloaded it from GameJolt on June 25.

Jon said...

I had version

I d/l'd the latest, so hopefully no more reset-causing bugs!

Thanks for making a tremendous game and filling that pirate RPG void.

Unknown said...

Hi Banov.

I loved ur pirate game. Bug report for after giving the 3 treasures to Davey Jones: If you're standing right at him when you click on him, then after the speech you can't move. If you're a few paces away when you click on him it all works fine. I tested this half a dozen times with the same results every time. Also, wondering how I go about getting the gamemaker source code? There are some nice aspects you have in here I've been keen to put into a game. Let me know if donation required for this.

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