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Monday, May 03, 2010

Announcing: A New Store!

Check it out, you guys!

I've mentioned this before, but now it's official: I'm selling t-shirts! I've got 9 designs already made for you to choose from, and for each one you've got a lot of options in terms of color and style and such. So check it out, and buy something maybe! I get a bit of profit from every shirt you purchase, so anything you get is hugely appreciated.

Here are just some of the designs available (click to enlarge):


...and more! Feel free to send requests, too. Happy shopping!


Seth said...

Yay! The design I wanted was chosen. :D

yalmic said...

I think you should do one with
the title screen for Assassin Blue
You know with blue sitting.

Banov said...

I can do that, yalmic. Do you want the floor with sprite-Blue running on it, too? Or just the back wall with the title and drawing?

Jarcon said...

Hey Banov! Been a while since we've talked. I plan to buy one of these for sure, I'd be more than happy to support you. However, being fat and all, it costs as low as 25 bucks for one shirt. If I had the money to spare I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but knowing my parents it may take a bit of convincing to use their credit card for a $25 shirt. But no worries, I'll pester them into giving in. :D

Banov said...

@Jarcon play with the options, you can get a "value tshirt" for relatively cheap, though it only comes in white.

Jarcon said...

Ahh, didn't notice the value shirt... Drops the price by 10 bucks! Awesomesauce. Expect a new sale soon. :)

Amidos said...

Its hard to say sorry for not winning in the 5th Compo of YoYoGames

also I was shocked when I dont found cowboyKilla as honourable mention in the list at all :O

GoodLuck Next time :S

yalmic said...

If you could have a gif animation on the shirt I'd buy it for sure but no.
The title was just a suggestion as, I have no money.And yes it would probably be better with just the drawing.

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