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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dubloon- Huge Update!

A point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game in the making. A swashbuckling story with dungeons, bosses, sidequests and fun exploration.

Title: Dubloon
File Size: 5.2 MB
GM Version: GM7

Download Links:
Mirror One:

Mirror Two:

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

-Game by Banov
-Music by Prophecy

Comments and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated!


Amidos said...

Wow nice new update :) I will play it and give u my opinion :)

Thats so cool :)

Amidos said...

So So Awesome I finished the demo
there are a small bug happens
Before I go to the ship to ride with the girl ( I called it Ann) i went to the inn to rest when i talked to the inn keeper she replied on him although she is not with me also its name appear '0' number or 'O' letter

In sea the monsters what i dont like about is that they dont open thier mouth or make anything when they fire

I dont know why but sometimes the games go so slow but i dont think its a problem in game as my PC is a bit old

u may increase the enemy intelegence like shroom heals the most probable injured creature also the enemy movement on map need to make them follow player when near

other than all that the game is so so amazing I dloved everything in it :)

Keep the good work as always :)

andrea said...

wow nice blog